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A cross-platform documentary project about gentrification and tenant activism in one Toronto neighbourhood.


This House Is Not A Home deploys through both film and web to chronicle the memories and frustrations of residents in a neighbourhood undergoing gentrification.

A short documentary will spend time with people in Parkdale, who claim their buildings' management have been withholding repairs, removing superintendents and actively trying to force tenants out. Once vacated, the units are renovated into first-class apartments and put back onto the market at higher cost. The film will focus on select individuals living in these buildings; their struggles, their activism and how they figure into the larger community.

An interactive website will complement the film and offer an historical perspective on the subject. Video segments will articulate the memories of the long-term residents, asking them why they call Parkdale home, while a navigable timeline outlines the social forces that have shaped the neighbourhood's growth and development over its history.

This House Is Not A Home film and interactive components will be complete by early Spring 2015.


Address: Toronto, Canada